tall poppies

Installation view at Galerie Haferkamp, Cologne, Germany (October, 2002). Mixed media, electronics, sound (dimensions variable)

In Tall Poppies a set of unbalanced propellers are attached via small motors to the tops of slender stands. They spin intermittently and as they do so they go into an unsteady oscillation that causes the support stands to fluctuate uneasily. These fluctuations are visually and sonically amplified through resonating metal pieces attached to the stands. The patterns of motion change over time so that a slowly evolving pattern of movement emerges. Resembling a group of tall and wobbly flowers, the piece evokes a mutable combination of humor and hazard. The title comes from an Antipodean description of the propensity for a culture to cut down anyone who stands too far above the crowd: the Tall Poppy Syndrome. Due to the fragile structures and erratic motions found in the piece, it seems only a matter of time before one of the shimmering flowers falls from grace.