particle moves

Installation views at the Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, Australia (July, 2003). Mixed media, electronics, sound (dimensions variable)

Particle Moves is an installation developed in collaboration with the Elision contemporary music ensemble to be a responsive sound environment in which the members of the ensemble can work intuitively. The performance of the ensemble is processed and mixed through a set of specially designed metal loudspeakers placed throughout the exhibition space. The mix changes continually to produce an ever-shifting alignment of the sounds in space. The intermittent movement of a series of kinetic elements — flexing rods, floor-crawling discs, and solenoid-driven resonators — serve as an occasional punctuation for the ongoing sound mix and underline the use of sound here as a physical force that moves around the listener as it shapes and reshapes the listening space.


The Elision Ensemble are Daryl Buckley, Ben Marks, Michael Hewes and Tim O'Dwyer. The production of Particle Moves at the Institute of Modern Art was supported by a grant from Arts Queensland and was assisted by Leon Waud.