ground creeper variations

Installation views at Fulton Mall, Fresno, CA (March, 2006). Thirty-nine speaker sound installation (dimensions variable).

Ground Creeper Variations is a series of site-specific sound compositions designed for the space of the Fulton Mall, a downtown pedestrian area located in Fresno, California. The compositions are played though a set of thirty-nine loudspeakers that are located along four blocks of the mall. The compositions are based on the physical space of the walkway itself using the location of various elements such as fountains and planters, sculptures, loudspeakers, and the curving patterns embedded in the pavement as sources for the pieces' compositional framework. Working from scans of the original plans of the Fulton Mall (which was completed in 1964), features of the walkway are selected and their images rendered into audio such that pitch, timbre, and textures of the sounds are determined by their placement, spacing, and contours. Ground Creeper Variations is not intended to be a literal mapping of the space of the Fulton Mall in sound, rather it is a set of compositions determined by and developed for a particular site.