Installation views at the Victoria Room, San Francisco, CA (April, 1994). Mixed media, custom electronics, sound (dimensions variable).

In Blindfield, a set of pivoting-head fans are connected by thin wires to contact microphones which amplify the vibrations of both the wires and the fans. Some of the fans have their blades removed and are replaced by audio speakers which broadcast the signals from the contact microphones. As the fans pivot, they cause the tension on the wires to vary, which is heard as a slowly rising and falling collection of tones. This provides an aural image of the shifting stresses on the physical system of the piece. The title, a combination of the words blindfold and minefield, is an allusion to a loss of vision and the subsequent need to watch one's step. An allegory for the process of large- and small-scale group social dynamics, Blindfield refers to the complex and often uneasy ways human communities are balanced and maintained.